I have always had long hair as well. Hairdressers tell me the same thing, though they don't have too.

Right now, my hair is shorter than it has ever been (can you believe it was much longer and just as dense and voluminous?!). I feel really comfortable with this length. It's still long and I feel that long hair is something that belongs to me. I love that I have so many options, like pulling back part of it, putting it up in a ponytail, putting it in a bun, braiding it (I happen to love french braids during the summer) and so on. I prefer just wearing it down because I feel prettiest that way.

I think you should ask yourself if your happy with your current length. What do you like about it? What are the downsides? For me, the only thing that I really don't like is that my back and neck get so warm and sweaty during summer, but even that's not a huge problem with all the possibilities (hence the french braid love during summer).

For me, my long hair makes me happy. It looks really good (even though I need a haircut to get some layers again) and it's part of who I am. However, you might feel differently. You should think about what YOU want and WHY. I think your hair looks gorgeous, but if you feel that it's time to do something entirely different, then you should do so. Just make sure that you know why you want it so chances that you'll regret it are smaller.

Good luck, Jas!
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