Oh I feel your pain. I have one cat who has been peeing outside the box for 18 months now. She was put on Prozac and amitriptyline pretty quickly which helped for a while but then it started again. She was eventually diagnosed with struvite crystals in her urine, as well as some kind of bladder infection. So she is now on special food to dissolve the crystals, and I just finished a series of antibiotic injections.

So in the absence of medical reasons, your cat is now probably in the habit of peeing outside the box so that's the behavior you need to change. Anti anxiety medications may help. You may also need to remove her access to those areas. I have Curie (my cat) confined to my screened porch during the day and anytime I cannot supervise her so she doesn't have access to the spots where she was peeing. I also bought one of these http://Midwest Homes for Pets 36 inc...com/B000I1M76Q which is another option for confining cats. The crate is big enough for food, water, and litterbox. Of course, my cat escaped from this crate but you might have better luck!