Like the others say: it's all about practice. I am a make up artist for ten years now, but I started as a teenager with experimenting with all kinds of looks.
Start with minimal products. You are still very young so you don't need much make-up to shine.

Since you have beautiful eyes that stand out, I'd say a kohl pencil and mascara are great to begin with. You don't have to make it difficult. Put on the mascara first, then take the (black) kohl pencil and put that gently on your inner (eye) rim. You can draw the line a bit longer to the outside of your eyes to create "cat"eyes (don't exaggerate, keep it subtle).

Blush can make a big difference in your overall appearance even if you keep it subtle. The easiest way is to use a lipstick with flattering colour for your skintone (maybe you can borrow one of your mom's) and just make a dot on both your cheeks and softly blend it outwards (!) with your fingertips. Be careful: stay on the outer sides of your face, don't put blush in the middle of your face.
And for the lips: gloss is great and very easy to apply.

You may always pm me!
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