I think it's bunk not to try cat attract. I've known many it helped. However since she had a bladder infection it might not be cleared up. Also I'd at least spring for a diabetes test.

Make sure throw rugs don't have that rubber backing. Something about that attracts them.

Interstitial cyctiyis is common in cats and a common cause of inappropriate elimination. It has no test. The best thing is to switch to wet food, no dry. Put water all around and buy a Feliway diffuser for the main areas they stay in. Stress is a huge factor and if your stressed about her peeing she'll stress about you stressing and it'll make her feel like she needs to go all the time. Look up iC in cats on google.

Make sure no one is ambushing her from the catbox.

And water water water. Get a fountain as sometimes that helps. They can get urinary trouble from not enough water flushing their system (also the reason to remove dry).

Post back when I think if more. There are a lot of things that trigger this although IC, diabetes and kidney problems are highest on the list.
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