Okay, I'm doing something wrong but not sure what. I made some okra gel using the proportions from Shelly and Kathymack, I used marshmallow root in the water with the okra and added agave and AVG, that was fine. However when I added my powdered guar gum to the warm gel it wouldn't mix and formed hard white clumps. Then I thought, duh, it's like gelatin I need to mix it with water first, long story short that didn't work either, I ended up with jelly bits of guar floating in the gel even after using a mixer. I finally strained it out and added gelatin instead and reheated it all a bit to mix it.

The guar wasn't that expensive but I'd like to know at I'm doing wrong. Or is there an actual gel like gum version that I should have gotten? Also, I used frozen okra and my gel is not brown or mudd like at all, its the same color as FSG, is that normal?

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