Jenndill, I've posted on some old threads about how having kids wrecked my hair. Lost all my curl (which wasn't that consistent to begin with). It took forever - probably 4 1/2 years after my second kid - but mine did finally recover (I'm 5 years post-partum now). Mine were spaced about 2 years apart, and I breasfed, so there wasn't much time in between really to get back to normal. I honestly didn't think my curl would ever come back, but it has. It's at least as curly as it was before, maybe a little more so. Most of my curly friends with kids have similar stories of it taking longer than they expected.

So there's hope! But you'll probably need to be patient and maybe learn a new routine for the interim.
Hair type: Completely confused: mostly 3a, some 3b parts, and even 2 in places; very fine and thin.
Products: Elucence clarifying & MBC; CK, F/X Curl Booster Fixative Gel (when I can find it)