I have fine (but not thin) heavily highlighted and bleached damaged 2a hair thats maybe 2b when completely healthy. Enhancing the curl isn't really a big deal to me though, I just want soft, shiny hair. Anyway, I have and LOVE Miss Jessie's Super Sweetback treatment. I use it once a week, especially when straightening my hair, and yeah it's just delish. But, I feel that my damaged hair should be getting protein. My hair can be really picky with protein though. I don't want to say it completely hates it but a lot of times it leaves my hair dry and unmanageable, especially anything really heavy on protein. I'm pretty sure soy protein is a no-no, but wheat protein and collagen seem to be pretty good sometimes. So, I was thinking Miss Jessie's Rapid Repair might be a good fit? Especially since I already love the SSB one. Any thoughts on this or my hair situation in general? Thanks!