Thank you Chloe for your answer! Actually first week on cones was amazing, but I guess cones start to show their evil face their on, my hair is now fully frizzy and my curls are not as defined as before! Even though I washed it in the morning (maybe because it's already full of cones, hence can't absorb moisture?), what was more annoying is that I discovered that my leave-in cream also had a cone!

Now I am gonna clarify with a plain SLS shampoo without any cone, then start co-washing with the ONLY mask I found which is cone-free (yes, I literally searched all the market!), it is: Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Fortifying Mask, I hope it works, I know that it may take time but I prefer to be non-coney. I also couldn't find any sulfate-free shampoo for future washes, so I am not sure how I am gonna manage that!

One more thing to add, I have this Vatika Coconut hair oil, will this help if I deep-use it once a week?