jas -- i think your idea of getting a professional cut with layers is a great place to start. maybe take just an inch or two off the length.
then, as you said, try a faux bob to see how it looks on your face.

gorgeous hair is great to have, but if you are tired of it, or if you feel you might look better a different way, then you should do it. hair is not an isolated thing, it accessorizes our face.

btw, depending on how short you go, if you can't pull it back you can wear a headband and that can look very good -- your hair framing your face and your curls popping over the headband. i actually get compliments even when wearing a headband. so, as long as there are clips and headbands, there are always ways to wear your hair when it's not having a good day.

post photos of whatever you decide to do!
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