Thanks, I think it doesn't help that I was finally comfortable with my stylist back home, then she quit and I had to flounder around again, never really finding one. Then I moved here and I have tried two since being here and the second was better, but she's the reason I have so many tiny layers because she cut my hair as if it were straight lol.
My Hair:
Fine, low porosity, med/high density
BSL - going for mid back to waist

HG: currently
just washing with a low poo that contains protein (Alba Naturals Coconut) and using Suave Naturals Coconut as both a RO and LI. No stylers right now, but this gives me pretty good curl, definition, low-ish frizz, and it feels and looks good. Also an occasional PT (liking the Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula which has cones) seems to be key for me.

Modified CG since February 2013