another curly gripe: forgetting a step in your routine...

Normally I shampoo (sulfatefree), conditioner with a light conditioner, condition with a heavier conditioner and then put in gel or a mousse. Sometimes I also use a leave-in.
Then I typically plop and diffuse.

Today I wanted to:
- sugarscrub: done
- shampoo: done
- light conditioner: done
- heavy conditioner: done
- ACVrinse: I had a bottle in the shower with a diluted ACVmix, and although it was standing right next to my conditioner, I forgot it...
- apply 2 sort of leave-in: done
- apply 2 sorts of gel: done

So I forgot my ACV-water mix and I only noticed it after my hair was already in plopping modus .
Would I still be able to use that rinse the day after tomorrow after I go for a swim? Or would it be better to just make a new mix?
Would it be a good idea to ACVrinse after a swim anyway?