I'm in New England and loving it, too! Unfortunately, I've discovered that cowashing and just using DevaCurl's Volumizing Foam is plenty of moisture for my hair right now. It makes me nervous to think about how my hair's going to handle the higher dew points in the summer... I'm wondering if adding more protein to offset it, or maybe using something with mag sulfate in it might help?

Either way, though, I'm definitely having fun seeing my hair right now! I'm taking lots of pictures.
2b/2c, fine, thick, normal porosity/elasticity

Current routine: co-wash & detangle with AIA Coconut CoWash then RO. Experimenting w/AG re:coil, DCVF & All-Nutrient Hair Proteinizer.
Love: AO GPB, KCCC, PBH Gelatine Goo, ANHP, CNPF
Like: GDL, FSG, honey, HETT, JCNS, DCVF
Hate: glycerin, mineral oil