Honeycurls, I am sorry to hear that! Yes, I mean Herbal Essences (Great Shine or something), it's a green bottle. It doesn't have any cone, only plain sulfates.
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Johnson's baby shampoo, the original one, is good to use as a clarifier- plus u can buy the little travel size bottle. Or any of the suave naturals shampoos- they're cheap.
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Thanks, daredevil. The real tragedy here is that I left the lid on my other clarifying shampoo slightly open, and because I store it upside down in the shower to make it easy to use, nearly all of it leaked out. And, you can't buy it anywhere here in the US.

Chloe, I was thinking the same thing. I have a little travel bottle of Johnsons, and was wondering if it would work. We have a couple of different Suaves, too, but they have other stuff my hair doesn't seem to like. I'll take a second look at the ingredients. Thanks for the suggestions!
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