I've experimented with co-washing quite a few times (and I am again) and have never experienced hair loss. However when I tried Wen I immediately noticed WAY too much hair shed and my scalp felt sore. I looked online and was told that I was just doing it wrong or simultaneously developed a medical condition like maybe a severe vitamin deficiency (right after my first wen use-lol) so I gave it maybe two or three more tries but I kept losing hair and by day 5 my scalp was red and very sore (it felt like when you have your hair in a tight pony all day and then take it down). Anyway, I stopped using it and all of this stopped almost instantly. I'm 99% sure it was an ingredient sensitivity/allergy. So to those saying you don't understand how co-washing can cause hair loss, it definitely can, but it might not be the method of co-washing that has anything to do with it but rather the actual conditioner. To the OP-have you only been using one co-wash throughout this ordeal? Did you carefully check over the ingredient list? I'm not saying that an ingredient sensitivity is what you have, but it's certainly something to look into. Also I can see how if you're sensitive to an ingredient it would be much worse with co-washing since it is directly on your scalp, for a while, and you're massaging it in. If the same ingredient were in something like a gel, you might never even notice it. Anyway just my 2 cents. Sorry this happened to you though OP, I know how awful it is.
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