My gripe- I wish my hair would curl more! It's been pretty decent lately, today a little flat though, but sometimes, especially in the back it is just weird bends.

My 11 year old daughter gripes about everyone touching her hair and making it frizzy (see mine isn't special enough to make people want to touch...). Also the tangles. She has straightened it twice (at friends' houses) and loves how easy it is to run through it the next morning. But then my gripe is how people keep telling her how nice it looks straight (including my mother in law). I wish they wouldn't do that because we are not straightening it every day so we need to encourage her to like it curly!

My 14 year old daughter would have no gripes, except for maybe some light canopy frizz. But she is one that can get up and spritz it a little and be ready to go with big fat ringlets. So why would she gripe, right?

I have to admit I can't stand to see my girls' hair straightened.