Katyhmack, oh no! I hope your hair goes back to normal soon. It's so gorgeous. I like how you get these amazing (and consistent) results by using natural products. That's what I aspire to achieve as well once I figure out what my hair really likes (so far, I only know what it dislikes). I have a two questions for you:

- What natural shampoo bars do you use? I think it shouldn't be too difficult to get hold of natural shampoo bars and I just might like it. I don't co-wash, always low-poo. Co-washing is too much for my hair to handle.
- Did you assess your properties yourself or did you get an analysis?
- What would you recommend for me at this point? Low-poo, RO with Aubrey Organics GPB, diluted LI spray, style as usual? Or should I omit the improvised LI again, let my hair recover and then try it?

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Hair seems better today, despite the 70 dewpoint!

I'm sure that you should be able to find natural soap/shampoo bars where you use. Just be careful of the ingredients. You want soap made the cold process way--saponified oils (my hair hates castor oil, so I stay away from that.) They are more then cowashing, but gentler then lowpoo. Low porosity folks seem to like them better then others. They were really popular about 5 years ago, but feel out of favor because they are alkaline and hair is acid.

I did assess my own properties. Not really hard for me. My hair has always been fine. When I was younger, I was told that it was fine although there was alot of it. Now that I'm older, it's lost a lot of density (age, thyroid and a medication I take.) When it's short and there isn't a lot of it, and it takes 6 hours to dry with no product--that's low porosity.

I rotate products, so it's really hard for me to advise you on what to do. I wouldn't/couldn't use the same things all of the time.
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