I need some major help with my hair. Basically right now my hair is bright red, think little mermaid red (demi perm dye similar to manic panic). I previously used a color stripper on my hair to pull out bright purple and hot pink. The color stripper lightened my roots, but for some reason it didn't pull out all of the purple. I have random spots of purple and with the red dye over it its a deep red with bright red and hot pink streaks. I want to keep dyeing it with the bright demi perm dye, but I'd like to get my hair to one base color underneath so I don't have random dark and light spots.

Right now my roots are a red/orange and the rest of my hair is the candy apple red like it's supposed to be.

Should I try to get the current color out of my hair and re-bleach everything to try and get the color to even out, bleach just the darker spots and hope it matches the already color stripped hair, or just scrap it and dye it all a darker color and wait for it grow out? I don't want to damage my hair to the point it breaks.

Can anyone give me some advice so I can fix this?

Thanks in advance!
I am a 2c/3a curly with very short (down to my earlobes) length, low porosity, high density, and medium/fine width.

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