Hello everyone!

I have been attempting to go CG for a year now. I decided to go CG for aesthetic reasons and because I was having extreme itch issues that dandruff shampoos weren't helping.
Anyways... Every time I think I have my routine figured out I get a case of what I assume is build up (a.k.a. incredibly itchy scalp). About two weeks ago, my case of build up came back. I found out the most of the EverCurl line has silicones (I am still devastated because I had really good results). So I clarified with a sulfate shampoo. :'( Then today I found out my herbal essence gel has silicone too which I guess explains why I am still having itching.
I have been using the devacurl products that I got for Christmas, but I really don't like them. The conditioner and leave in aren't thick enough for my hair. I don't see any difference when I use them.
What should I try next? I really would like drug store products since I have to use so much product in my hair.

I have 3A, thick, long, low porosity hair.