It's actually a relief to realise that product overload is more likely the cause of my current problems than overconditioning. I put in a French braid today and I might wash my hair tomorrow, so we'll see.

I tried to open the cuticle because it feels as if most products just sit on top of my hair instead of really doing something. I had no idea how this really works and I think this thread has been one of the most useful. It taught me a lot!

Firefox, what would you recommend? Continue my experiment after having washed my hair (but instead of spraying more diluted LI on top, just doing it once to avoid product overload) or skip it?

Kathymack, I'll look into the shampoo bars, thanks! Will you let me know when you have a "verdict" about SM Curling Soufflé? I'm still thinking about getting either that or KCCC (price-wise it doesn't really matter).
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