Since me and my bestie of 12 years are no longer speaking I figured I might as well bare my soul on the internet instead lol...

To my best guy friend, I've secretly been in love with you since the moment we met a year ago and every day I see you I struggle not to drown in it despite the fact that you have a girlfriend that you've been with for 3 years and the fact that I have someone waiting for me at home as well. I mean, for all intents and purposes we should never be together since we're also coworkers and things could get complicated but I can't help imagining what our lives would be like without her or him... All I see is fireworks

Because the thing is, I'm pretty sure you're in love with me too. I'm sure even your GF has noticed if the uneasy glares she sends me whenever we all hang out are any indication. I know you're afraid of what it would say about your commitment to her or what your mutual friends or family might think since we're from different races but we both know I already make you happier than she ever has. I'd never want to become between the two of you if that wasn't the case except we both know who's been there to hold your hand these past ten months, who you share all your hopes, fears and dreams about the future with... Why else did you get upset when I told I'd started seriously dating my SO even though you introduced us?

Our destinies are swirling together like errant stars toward a certain point but will they ever collide into the supernova that I know that we could be? I guess only time will tell, until then I guess I'll just try not to feel guilty about the fact that the loving man I lay my head down next to at night isn't the one who holds me heart. The only comfort I have is the fact that I know you're doing the same across town in her bed, holding her while dreaming of my face and even if it makes me the worst type of person I can't help but smile at that twisted fact all the same

MP <3 EB forever
~MBL curly w/ mostly 4a with a patches of 4b in the front and lil 3c sprinkled in the back~

-I like my men like I love my hair... kinky

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