Were you using cones before? Or products containing mineral oil, petrolatum, or even polyquats? These ingredients can all cause build up. If you didn't clarify before starting CG, that could be the issue. Also, if you were using cones before it might take a while to adjust to a cone free routine and your hair will feel really dry at first. I just started CG too but I've been cone free for a few months now and at first it was quite a shock but a few weeks in my hair got MUCH better than it ever was on cones.
Just starting CG! 5-13

2A, fine, dense, high porosity, highlighted

low-poo: Leonor Greyl bain vitalisant b*
co-wash: CJ smoothing*
RO: ^, SS Caitlin's*
DT: CJ rehab
LI: CJ rehab
stylers: CJ CCCC*
oils: coconut


loves: aloe, oils, esp. coconut
hates: acv, baking soda
on the fence about polyquats