Does wheat germ oil count as a protein? I once used a treatment that had it high up on the ingredients list and it felt like a protein treatment-a heavy one at that. So I'm just curious, does it act like a protein?

The conditioner I'm currently using to co-wash with (CJ smoothing) has some near the bottom of the list, and that would be awesome if it is a protein because my hair loves protein in small doses.
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Oils are fats not proteins, they cannot and do not behave the same, one is water repellant the other is water attracting. There are lists of proteins here on the NC 'curl chemist' articles and on the Natural Haven blog.

Too often people identify the wrong ingredients from a huge ingredients list as the one that makes their hair feel terrible or great, half the time there is so little present as to make no difference, or it's down to the pH or ingredients much higher up the list. If wheatgerm oil is low on your CO-wash and you are rinsing that product out thoroughly I doubt it will be doing much of anything.
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