Thanks everyone for your replies. They have made interesting reading.

Firefox7275 just to clarify I obviously haven't fully understood the best point in time to decide curl pattern very well. I did briefly towel dry and my hair had probably had a little time to dry. This wasn't straight from the shower and yes I did comb and part my hair!
It's possible that I might have smoothed it with some coconut oil as well but I don't remember. I will look straight after showering next time. Like you say no touching!
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Please let us know how you get on, hair typing is quite exciting because you never quite know what you are going to get!
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So straight after my shower tonight. I looked at my hair and took a couple of photos. No towels, combs or touching the hair happened this time!
I think I might be a 2b, the hair porperties fit better than 2a as my hair isn't fine and tends to frizz. I don't think I'm a 2c (smaller tighter curls tend to form after hair has dried).

Sorry for poor photography. I have leaned my head to the side so the curls are more visible as my hair is quite dark and hard to make out curls when bunched against my head. My hair does naturally fall closeish to my head though when long.
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