Hello, PG, you sound like my hair twin!

I used the SM products (shampoo) in the winter and did well, and now I am having issues same as yours. I do not use a leave in. on occasion, I use a dab of what I use in the shower.

Up until about 2 weeks ago, I was applying aloe vera gel in the shower, and it did great for me. Then it got warmer, and more humid, and I figured the AVG was too much moisture, causing frizz. It is my understanding that glycerin pulls moisture out of the air, so for gals with higher porosity, that is a good thing, but for us - Frizz, I know, its in just about everything. I try to find it low on the list.

But I share your frustration. Just this morning I posted I am tempted to try KCCC because it works well for so many; after reading your post, I guess I wont throw away my money. I have NOT applied products in the shower other than the AVG; CK is not cheap. But, I may have to try that. I am also a millimeter away from buying some dern flax seeds and making my own gel - all the commercial stuff has either glycerin, protein, or hydrogenated castor oil. I cannot and wont do oil, it will sit on my hair and they I will have greasy as well as frizzy hair. I shampoo daily, and so far, recently, have had the best luck with the Yes to Cucumbers. Sometimes I use the Yes to Tomatoes conditioner. Keep me posted as to what is working for your or not working please.