Hi, Chloe, I am not easily offended. So, your comments are appreciated, whether I take your suggestions or not.

Washing daily is non negotiable. It just is not. My hair is not dry, or at least I dont think it is, but I see my stylist tomorrow, and I will ask her what she thinks, and what will work in this weather. I had my routine down for the cooler weather but this is wisconsin, and if you dont like the weather, wait a few minutes...so that is part of the issue, the changeability of it all.

It is not just the frizz that concerns me, I can live with that, its sort of the all over look. I like volume! and try to get it, and also have good curl formation.

What you say about glycerin may be so. It may be that I need to avoid proteins.

Another issue I have that probably a lot of younger curlies dont have, is that color my roots. When I first have this done, my hair tends to look great. As the hair grows, and the roots grow in silver, it is more difficult for me to get lift at the top.

Its complicate. Thank you for your comments.