Best way to choose ingredients/products is by hair properties (it will also help people to give you advice.) Here's a link to help you with yours Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics Once you determine your properties, you can look for others with hair like yours and see what they use. It's the best place to start.

Personally, I didn't find the CG book all that useful. The e-book available on the above site has all the information in one place. The DVD with the CG book is really worthwhile. It shows you how to style your hair. I could never use the copious amounts of products they use.

Some people get away with using drugstore products. My hair prefers the more natural products from the online, boutique type companies. I stay away from chemicals, especially polyquats. Use jelly type products instead of the gels because of that. My stylist says to stay away from mousse. Even if it doesn't have the drying alcohols, the propellant can be drying.
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Thanks. I have gone over the information about hair properties before and it all lead to "normal" thickness, "normal" porosity which was not very helpful because there are no specific recommendations for these. I do however know my hair does not react to every ingredient favorably. Glycerin made my hair stringy and stiff, protein is hit or miss where it sometimes helps and sometimes doesn't. I think it's a lot of trial and error to figure it out.

I did a low-poo this morning because my hair was particularly bad and OMG so much better than it's been all week. Is this just the adjustment or is one of my products or techniques makin things worse and causing the dryness/floofyness?

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