1) nonalcoholic drink you buy ready-made (other than tap or bottled water)?

Dr Pepper 10

2) alcoholic drink you buy ready made?

This is tough. I'm on a Summer Shandy kick right now. I'll always go back to Lime-a-Ritas or Straw-ber-Ritas. I also like to try all sorts of different beers - I'm not a bud light or other cheap light beer fan, really. I'll try any beer once. Usually I can find something I've never heard of at the HyVee liquor store one town over, for being located where we are they carry quite a bit. Pirtle Winery is about 1.5 hours south of me and makes good wines - I love their Chocolate Cherry wine. And I love Tequila Rose Cocoa, can drink that straight from the bottle. I know I was supposed to pick one and I'm making myself sound like a lush , but I have a lot of favorite stand-bys depending on my mood.

3) alcoholic drink you order at bars and/or restaurants (can be ready made or mixed)?

Favorite mixed alcoholic drink is jager and red bull, but those are way too expensive to order in a bar because they mark the energy drink way up, so I usually make them at home. I don't always drink it in jagerbomb fashion either, I can make a whole mixed drink out of it and nurse it all night because I like the taste of it, not the drunk-but-hyped up feeling people usually go for with a jagerbomb.

I can't say I order much when I go out because it's expensive. I had a Crab Trap at Crabby Bills in Clearwater last summer, probably my favorite bar drink ever. I like Applebees sangria drinks. But since I live in hicktown, MO (seriously - 600 people in my town), I usually stick with beer, it's readily available most anywhere.
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