I <3 coconut oil. I use it as a pre-poo (add to dry hair 20min before shampooing), mix it with my low-poo (to form a gentler low-poo), use it for deep treatments (30 min+) or sometimes add a few drops to my hair as a leave-in, over my leave-in or mixed in to my leave-in. Very versatile.

Don't know the particular brand "Vatika" or whether that coconut oil is mixed w/ other oils. I always get Extra Virgin (unrefined) coconut oil. Don't get the refined stuff... not as good.

If you use coconut oil as a deep treatment (or pre-poo) you'll have to either low-poo or cowash it out.

Where are you based? If you have trouble finding low-poos in your area it is worthwhile to check out iherb.com. They have a lot of natural hair products.