I have been cone free for about a year. I love my hair and it's unpredictability. I used to hate it obviously when I was transitioning. I was at Target the other day and I was trying to find a leave in that didn't cost more than $6. Everything that was around that contained a cone. I always wondered how my hair would react if I did use a product with silicone every once in a while again.

I guess this would be called "modified" curly girl, but I don't like labels. So any curlies out there, like myself, who don't use cones but ever wonder how their hair would be if they went back to cones? I am by no means saying I want to, I always was curious.

I love my hair now and if spending a few xtra dollars keeps it that way, then so be it! lol I guess I just want to know if other curlies ever thought about how it would be back in the 'cone world' lol
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