I am very upset for I live in Ct and this new act was passed that if you lapse even one day in insurance, or switch companies, the DMV gets notified immediately and your car gets automatically deemed unregistered to the police department.

A few months ago, I had to switch from Geico to Progressive so obviously for ONE day I had no INSURANCE until the NEXT day the policy went back on. The other day I go out to my car, my plates were taken, and a warning from the PD stated that if I didn't remove the car, my car would be towed. It turns out, that since back in NOVEMBER I went ONE DAY without insurance, my car was labeled unregistered.

I thought 1) the police officer just done took my plates 2) I think it's ridiculous that over one day all this happens.

Now I have to pay $200 fee, get insurance again, and RE-REGISTER THE CAR. Now mind you, this entire time, I had valid insurance and the car was registered.

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