I'm sort of job hunting, but then I feel like I'm always sort of job hunting.

I have a decent job now. I don't hate it. My horrible mean coworkers all resigned. I like my boss. The vacation and sick leave rocks. I get decent benefits. But the pay is positively abysmal. Plus I want to get back into instructional design before I completely lose my skills.
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How many times do I have to offer you MY job? You can have my house too! Pittsburgh is *great*! Hahaha.

If my husband gets the job he's up for, I'll be looking myself as soon as we get moved and settled. And if he doesn't, I still plan to look aggressively. I have my oh-so-generous 5-year-staff-appreciation coffee mug. It's time...
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Honey, I can't get the boy out of Texas. He occasionally will say something about moving nearer to Mom, but it's fleeting. Plus his parents would NEVER forgive me for taking their 'jito away from them.

Can I ask what job J. is up for, and where? PM or email me if you want.

Rock on with your bad self.


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