I was cone-free for several years and started adding them back into my routine about a year ago because I found a handful of products that I loved that happened to contain silicone. I generally try to limit my use to no more than 2 or 3 times a week (I cleanse my hair daily), but that's not based on anything. I think the key is to remember everything that CG teaches about maintaining a good moisture-protein balance, which is something you can do with or without using cones.
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That is true that overall it is a balance. Like I stated earlier, I don't personally use cones, but I get tempted when I see different leave ins or custards that contain it. i am such a product junkie so sometimes I want to break the 'cone rule' and buy some! lol Seriously though, different methods will work for everyone. As long as you like the way your hair is and it's healthy that's all that should matter
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