That has been the case in FL for years. I am sorry this happened to you, but if you think about it, you weren't insured even though it was 24 hours. If you had gotten into an accident in that 24 hour timeframe, you would had bigger problems then just having to pay $200, getting insurance again and having to re-register.
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Thank you, I was very upset earlier, but I have calmed down lol. I do see your point at the same time, I didn't drive the vehicle in the 24 hours though. And honestly, I feel it is stripping of free-will. If I choose to be dumb and do that, then I have to reap the consequences. However, because I simply switched and it's the insurance who take at least a day to make the policy effective. I shouldn't have to pay it all. I wanted to move to FL but I guess I am not now! LOL I am moving to NH, insurance is somewhat optional, depending on past accidents, tickets, etc.
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