Hi there, I've got a few questions and I'm reeeeeeaaalllly hoping someone can help me! I'm mixed, I've got 3c hair, I use TRESemme "climate control" mousse, and a defuser on my hair, almost everyday. I wash with shampoo probably once or twice a week, but condition is everyday, I also massage cocoa butter on my scalp before styling with mouse. I HOPE that's enough information to get started!

So here my problem, my hair is SUPER SUPER dry! I wanna transition to get rid of my defuser but my hair just doesn't style the way I like it, I sometimes sleep with my hair wet with product in it which sort of works, but I hate sleeping with wet hair. Anyway, any tips how I can get rid of the heat?

I'd also like to get rid of products all together if thats even possibly with ma crazy hair. I'm going to be in Africa for who knows how long doing missions trips and I highly doubt I'll be able to get my hands on Frizz-ease or anything else while I'm there. Any tips on how I could do this as well? Maybe move on to creams and oils? And ween my hair off the products??

Anyway, your tips are MUCH appreciated! THANKS!