Back when I used to use cones I would slather the cone-serums straight onto my wet hair. Big no-no haha. Now if I were ever to go back I think I would use all my CG knowledge and use cones smartly. Like use them as a sealer only... and make sure all my products underneath were CG-friendly so they could properly moisturize the hair.

I have to say I got frustrated at one point in the last few weeks and used a bit an old bottle of the Body Shop Grapeseed serum I had laying around. I put it on top of my CG leave-ins etc on dry hair. Good news is my hair was shiny and smooth. Bad news is it pulled out my wave in an hour. I clarified afterward and that was that.

You can always try. Cones aren't going to make your hair evaporate lol! You'll just have to be ok w/ the dryness you'll get from using a coco-betaine low-poo or mild sulfate shampoo to clarify afterward.
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That is true. Interesting how your hair reacted to the serum. I think my hair is better off where it's at but it is interesting hearing stories of once-in-a-while going back. I might try something 'coney' on top of my natural products, like you said. Thanks for the tip!
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