I recently accidentally used a cone in a reformulated product, my hair went lank and stringy, it was a royal pain getting it back to bouncy curls. Never again, I get shine and bouncy curls from stuff like refined coconut oil deep treatments which is cheap as anything and proven to penetrate the hair reduce porosity and protein loss due to dying. Plus I like to see my hair naked sometimes and I don't want to be obliged to irritate or dry my sensitive skin with shampoo to do that: I don't like to be fooled that my hair is healthy, I made that mistake in the past.

IMO the 'labels' are useful shorthand, I don't see the word modified as being in any way negative. No one ingredient, product or technique will work for every single wavy or curly regardless of skin type, hair properties, length, local climate, etc.
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Yeah, the labels are def. useful shorthand, I just didn't want the convo to turn into a debate on modified vs. full on curly girl lol! So that is why I stated it so it wouldn't come up in convo but I guess I shouldn't have bc it did anyway LOL! You say the coconut oil dt is cheap, where do you get this? I really like coconut oil but I don't use just strictly coconut oil it's always in a product.

I agree, say if I did use cones again, I would be worried that I think my hair is healthy, but in reality it's full of build-up etc. Also, it would suck having to shampoo and not being able to just co-wash.

This is actually nice because I am able to really understand the pros and cons and it reinforces why I stopped cones in the first place! lol Thanks for your input.
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