It's ironic because I just posted a thread under general discussions if curlies ever considering using cones. I don't use cones or sulfates and I think my hair is better off. However, after reading and writing to some of the curlies in my other thread, some don't mind using a mild cone. It all depends on your hair. Some curlies might be ok using cones and their hair doesn't react negatively. However, I know that if I used cones my hair would divert back to it's dry old ways. It all depends on how your hair responds. EXPERIEMENT! That was what I did and still do! Now it's actually fun since I know my hair lol

Also, I am sure a lot of girls can agree to this, one of the things that stops me from going back to cones is it took me so so damn long just to get that crap out of my hair, I don't want to have wasted all that past time and energy going back! LOL
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