I'm a guy who's growing out his hair and living in China. Now onto the questions!

1) Any specific and easy to find shampoo, conditioner, and leave in conditioners you can recommend? I'm unable to translate the labels on my own and asking anyone to help me is out of the question. I see a lot of Herbal Essence, Pantene, Dove, some Suave, Loreal, and maybe a few other bigger named products in stores so finding something from these lines might be easier to do online (and cheaper) than others.

However, if I had a choice, in general I love coffee/chocolate things and if there's anything along those lines worth looking for I'd be happy to give it a try.

2) Since I sweat a lot, especially when exercising and such, what's the best way to manage frizz and such while keeping my eyes from stinging? A sweat band? Normally whatever I put in my hair ends up in my eyes as soon as I walk out the door.

3) I started growing my hair out a year ago and I'm a little confused about it's type. I part my hair to my right, and my left side seems rather flat (where as the right side will be wavy and even curly). My hair is generally a little wavy but then right at the bottom makes large curls (once it hits my shoulders and dries). That's why I'm wondering if my hair would look curlier if I shaped it. Not sure how to, guess I gotta find a video.

Here is a picture. Can you let me know what you think? And for the sake of opinion, what type would you classify me as?
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