I'm in the UK, so can't get most of the products talked about on here. I tried a very light, 'cone free conditioner from my health food shop as a leave-in but couldn't then use any product over it - or a normal conditioner under it!

I liked the look of my hair doing conditoner-only styling with it, but it felt so slimy I stopped.

I like the sound of the sufate-free base shampoo - never seen that here. Do you know the name of one I could look out for?

Today before swimming I tried a tiny dab of coconut oil on my hair, over the Moroccan Oil that was already in it, and it seemed to soak in. I wasn't left greasy anyway, so perhaps doing that will work.

I'll also try a dab of coconut as a leave-in before the Moroccan Oil - it bothers me too that it's mostly silicones but my hair just got worse and worse over the course of three years without cones and much better very quickly when I re-introduced them.

Thanks both of you for your help.