I just want to share this great information to all of you. Yes, you read it right. Biotin has positive effect to our hair. Biotin is actually vitamin H which is part of the B Complex vitamins. When taken regularly, biotin helps you achieve a healthy and shiny hair. In addition, biotin helps repair brittle nails and helps you maintain a healthy-looking skin.

just a little fact about biotin:

This supplements when taken daily provides the nutrients necessary for cell growth, fatty acid production and improved metabolic reactions. Biotin is also recognized for promoting blood sugar stability and is an important component of nutritional health. When used daily, Biotin is a key component in maintaining healthy blood sugar and has been linked to cosmetic benefits such as reducing hair loss and repairing brittle nails.*

Biotin Vegetarian Capsules:

- Part of the vitamin B Complex vitamins
- Biotin name is taken from the Greek word "Bios" meaning "life"
- Promotes healthy Hair, Skin and Nails
- Supports proper metabolism
- Promotes healthy blood sugar
- Reduces hair loss
- Repairs brittle nails

Definitely, biotin offers cosmetic benefits to all of us and has a big impact in our overall health.

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