Thanks for your ideas - I did wonder about using coconut oil before the silicones but the problem is my hair is sooo fine I can't layer products. I can only really use a conditioner OR a styling product, not both. Which is why the silicone-containing Moroccan Oil I use is so good, it both conditions and styles.

I can't do CG for the same reason - tried for three years and my hair was horrible - even low poos give me build-up within two washes and I get less curl rather than more.

I think I'm going to try using the coconut as a pre-poo even if I've got silicones in my hair, if it doesn't soak in it will at least protect a bit when I shampoo and I might revisit low poos for the ocasional wash.

Failing that, it might have to be a swim cap...
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Moroccan Oil doesn't condition hair, it doesn't contain any water based ingredients so cannot 'reset' the pH of the hair after shampooing, no fatty alcohols or cationic surfactants nor humectants. It will certainly make your hair feel nice because it's loaded with silicones and other unpronounceable chemicals, I suspect it contains barely any argan oil which is the only ingredient that does anything much for hair.

Which low poos were you trying? Many are loaded with unnecessary ingredients, you might get on better with a simple sulphate free shampoo 'base' (intended to have fragrances, oils or other ingredients added but you don't have to so nothing that can possibly build up) ideally with a pH around 4.5 to 5.5 which will encourage the cuticle to lie flat.

Sometimes build up is partly a function of damaged hair, ingredients overly adhering to a cuticle that is not in good shape. You should really wear a swimming cap anyway if you have any products in your hair, to stop those contaminating the pool.
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I second this because when I got my hair cut last time, the stylist gave me a free sample of argan oil. I know thats not moroccan but I remember looking at the ingredients and dimethicone was second in the list. So I agree with firefox.
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