I thought I would follow up and let you all know how things worked out for me in case anyone ever is wondering. I got the LALSG, and my hair definitely likes it. I have defined curls once again, YAY!!! Thanks so much for your advice everyone! However, if I try for 2nd or 3rd day hair, my roots start looking like they are greasy, but they aren't when I touch them. This only happens on 2nd/3rd day hair when I originally used the LALSG. I don't know if this is common or not for others. My curl pattern is also a lot less curly when I use LALSG, but I have still been using the SM Smoothie so perhaps the combination is too heavy for my already long weighed-down hair.

I think I'm going to try the LALSG without the SM Smoothie for awhile to see if it makes a difference in the curl pattern and appearance of greasiness. I might also try the biosilk rock hard gelee and see how that works for me. In the end, I will probably go back to the deva Arcangel, because so far it's worked better than anything else!!!

I'll try to remember to post again after results of trying the others in case anyone in the future reads this thread trying to find the solution to the same issues I have.
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{Looking for advice on what works well-products or tips/tricks- from similar curly girls!}

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