Hi Myrna- I color my grays too, so I do get that. One thing I can tell you is this; since I have eliminated glycerin for the summer, my color seems to last longer! I have read that glycerin pulls color out of hair, and didn't pay much attention to it until I noticed it as a side effect of not using glycerin anymore....

I also just wanted to say something about you not using leave-ins anymore- from my understanding with low porosity hair, your rinse out is not really ever absorbed, so moisture that stays ON the hair for longer, is more important. (Per KathyMack)
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Really interesting connection about glycerin pulling color from hair! I didn't know that. I occasionally use conditioner with glycerin and noticed my hair has been looking a bit lighter - which was kind of a wanted effect! But very good to know for when I don't want that!

I'm also learning about some of the things you said about leave-ins. I didn't realize (or remember) that rinse outs aren't ever absorbed in lo po hair. I haven't been able to find a leave-in that doesn't have protein, protein analogues or strengtheners though. Which was part of the reason why I sometimes use a conditioner with glycerin and/or propylene glycol (for moisture) and then seal it in. So, I guess I am accidentally doing the right thing! I'm just hoping as the dewpoints climb here I'll still be okay using a glycerin condish on occasion as long as I seal.

Thanks for your post, things are clicking into place.
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Co wash: Suave Clarifying or Sun Ripened Strawberry
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Avoiding: protein, coconut, & parabens

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