Awwww my five-year old self would have voted for her, too! I'm glad the love for WW is spanning the generations.

On a side note, my uncle once saw Lynda Carter in the grocery store and said she was so beautiful in person he literally stopped in his tracks and gaped (and uncle bob was not some pervy perv--very upstanding, low-key kinda guy)
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I wanna help span the generations my getting my niece hooked on Wonder Woman. She's all Princess-y right now...she asked my dad if he wanted to run away and he totally said he would run away, but only with a Princess...she ate it up, all of it! I'm thinking it would be so much cooler if he ran away with Wonder Woman.
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Wonder Woman is a bad a$$ Princess. Princess Diana of the immortal Amazons!
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Somehow I don't think she would be impressed by that. She's gonna be itty bitty. It's gonna be inheriting on her dad's side. All her dad's sister's are like legit size 00 and have to pin the skirts to get them to fit. She's like a little fairy. A clumsy, little tough (our side, luckily)dirty fairy.

Sunshine, they have the DVDs of the 70s Wonder Woman on amazon. I bought them to watch with Danae a few years ago, and she loved them.
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I don't live with them anymore (rented the basement apt), otherwise I would totally buy every single season of the 70's Wonder Woman AND Charlie's Angel's and have her down there having a girl's night and making them her hero's. But she's a Princess and has like 3 of each of the Princess dresses and changes into each of the dresses 3 times a day. It's fine. I'll get her 3 Wonder Woman Costumes to balance her out. All good, right? She likes sparkly/glittery stuff and Wonder Woman totally beats out in that kind of stuff. My sister totally doesn't get it and I can totally beat her when it comes to the sparkly/glittery game when it comes to hero worship, right?