So, I have the skin of a 16 year old meaning that I STILL have pimples at the age of 21. I have tried many cleansers by neutrogena and alba botanica recently, and my skin was all pimple-tastic and irritated! :O
I decided to try the Shea moisture black soap in the bar form because it said it was for "troubled skin" it is weird looking stuff though, the lather is like a creepy black foam and it looks like you are getting your face dirty.
after washing with it my skin felt tight at first. I put a small amount of benzyl peroxide on my touble areas and then the Formula 10.06.06 moisturizer. After three days my pimples on my chin,cheeks, and jawline were disappearing and my skin felt soft.
With the exception of period-induced flare ups, my skin has been the clearest it has ever been the whole month I have been using. After a few uses the tightness has gone away. This stuff has even cured my keritosis pilliaris (butchered that spelling :P )
I am just such a fan of this stuff. My oily/combo skin doesn't need tons of foundation and concealer anymore !