Thanks. Read through that topic and I also agree that standardizing the way people do things before they check their type is the most logical way. I'll give the links you provided a look through as well. I don't doubt for a second that the formulations will have changed but from time to time there are people who sell imported products and generally it's better to have somewhere to start from. I really don't trust most of the stuff here and people annoyingly try and persuade you to buy stuff that looks really cheap.

For what it's worth, that picture was the day after a normal shampoo and conditioner with a long rinse. I also let it dry on it's own. I don't have much of a routine because I don't have access to products I'd use here.

When you say properties do you mean porosity and such? My hair didn't sink until I pushed it down to the bottom 5+ minutes after and it feels sleek.

I assume I have medium to coarse hair after holding it to the light and being able to see it easily.

Density is something that's hard to really "eye". I'll just assume medium at best because people with darker hair tend to have less hairs from what I've read (with blondes usually having the highest density).


Thanks, I think you're like the first person who's said that since I've started growing my hair out... haha.