Thanks for the suggestions Firefox - I'll see what I can find. I did try the Inecto coconut stuff - very moisturising but WAY too heavy for my hair, it left me looking flat and greasy.

And I gave up the idea of co-washing after one wash when I realised that, never mind washing with a conditioner, I hadn't ever been able to wash with a 'normal' shampoo formulated for dry hair without my hair falling flat.

I don't think a dab of Moroccan Oil in my hair constitutes enough product to need to wear a swim cap to protect the rest of the world from it, but I take your point.

This morning I skipped the MO and rinsed out my usual conditioner and then used a tiny amount as a LI and my hair looks and feels pretty good - there's no slimy feel with this one, so I'm going to keep experimenting with it.