When I first started co-washing, I thought initially that my hair was thinning. But for me, it was the result of clumping and the scalp showing a bit between the individual clumps. I went as far as counting the hair in the drain (eeew, gross I know!) to determine if I was shedding more than what is considered normal.

I agree with a lot of the other posters on this thread that you have to do what is good for YOU.

I realize what works for me may not work for other curlies and vice versa. Personally, I rotate co-washing with a low-poo or cleansing condish and that works well for me.

3A/B? A corkicelli mix of ringlets, spirals, helixes & s-shaped curls
Medium-fine texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity

Summer: pink; Winter: Blue; Year Round: green
Lo-Poo:Giovanni SAS sulfate free poo, L'Oreal Evercream CC
Co-wash: TNRV, VO5 Vanilla Mint Tea, TNNM
YTC, Nexxus Hydra-light w/ CNPF GVPCB, Biolage CB, TNNM, Giovanni SAS

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