I enjoyed reading that post. I dated my good friends only once back in middle school. Didn't work out. We became great friends though. Now we have families & share "do you know what my kid did today..." stories

I have always had more male friends. I keep only a handful of females in my life. Either I was single & hanging with the guys. Our I was taken & hanging out with my guy & his boys. When I do girly stuff I call on my girly friend. When I did dirt, I called on my quiet sneaky female friend. Then there's two girls who always accepted me whether I was ratchet or on point. Oh & if I really need some girl time I have my sorors & my 3 biological sisters.

Now if only my relationship with my parents could be executed with this type of clarity.

These are my curlfessions
About my hair:
weekly shampoo-HE Honey I'm Strong
daily conditioner-HE Honey I'm Strong (use as li)
go to style-Pocahontas braids