Hi everyone,

I just signed up. I am a member of the LHC and recently was told that I might have curly hair... So, I am in the process of finding out ...

Reading one of the first post, I think I have figured out the following:

Thick, coarser, prone to frizz with an underlayer of straight hair - all characteristics of the 2c type.
Texture: Coarse
Porosity : High - when I slid my fingers from end to root, my hair feels rough and is squeaky (makes a noise)

The products I use:
VO5 Kiwilime clarifying shampoo and conditioner
VO5 passion fruit conditioner
Bain de terre anti frizz shampoo
Suave Moroccan shine mask
coconut oil
Nexxus anti frizz finishing cream

I will love to try products (in case I need to get new ones) starting by the cheapest lol...

Thanks everyone for any advice you can give...

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